Delivering expert ecological advice

Delivering expert ecological advice to architects, developers, planning consultants and homeowners

Native Ecology is a CIEEM Registered Practice that offers an extensive range of ecology services, suitable to inform planning applications from small to large scale residential and commercial developments, through to wider landscape scale ecology strategy.

Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain

10% Biodiversity Net Gain is a mandatory requirement for all new major developments as of 12th February 2024 and for Small Sites from April 2024. Our expert ecologists will guide you through this new process, advising from the very early stages of land acquisition and development on how best to achieve the required 10% gain. We guide developers through the planning process and advise land owners on options to unlock the Biodiversity Unit value of their land.

Our experienced team offer a full range of ecological surveys

Our expert ecologists are members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (CIEEM). We approach each project with a wealth of experience using the latest industry guidelines and techniques.

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) & Biodiversity Net Gain - Surveying and Reporting

Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)
Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA)
Habitat Survey
Protected Species Survey
Mitigation and Enhancement Strategies
Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) Report

Pre-commencement - Meeting Biodiversity Net Gain & ecology obligations

Biodiversity Net Gain
Habitat Creation and Enhancement
Natural England Licence Applications
Species Mitigation and Translocation
BREEAM UK Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF)

Managing successful biodiversity outcomes

Ecological Monitoring and Management
Early-stage Development Support

Early-stage Development Support

Working in partnership to deliver value and sustainable ecology outcomes

Performing a key advisory role in your project team, our ecologists bring valuable insights to the initial stages of your project. We will establish clear details of ecology options, setting out time-frame and budgeting scenarios to optimise the design and scheduling of the development.

Reconnecting people and nature

Reconnecting people and nature

Ecology in sustainable development

We aim to reconnect people and nature by encouraging the integration of ecology into our communities. We work with project teams to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain, aiming to optimise the long-term contribution of a development to the local biodiversity network, enabling wildlife to thrive alongside people.

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