Species Mitigation and Translocation

A thorough understanding of species ecology, current guidance and experience in the development and construction industry are key when undertaking ecological mitigation works onsite.

Mitigation strategies can be complex and often have very specific time constraints, particularly where multiple protected species are present on a development site. Our ecologists fully understand the importance of briefing clients ahead of any potential constraints, imparting a thorough understanding of the process and associated time frames and budget.

Excellent working relationships enable us to give clear and concise advice on the delivery of mitigation measures and enable us to alert our clients in good time with regards to avoidable constraints. We mobilise teams quickly and efficiently to ensure that species mitigation requirements are undertaken in the available time frames, avoiding potential significant and unnecessary delays.

Efficient management of multi-species projects ensures that the time schedule is considered for individual species and in accordance with any European Protected Species Mitigation Licence conditions.  Our ecologists hold Class II Licences for bats and great crested newts, allowing us to supervise mitigation measures, such as soft demolition of buildings and destructive searches.

Effective liaison with contractors, for example for the timely installation of exclusion fencing and habitat enhancements, ensures legal compliance for our clients and subcontractors through tool box talks and watching briefs during works.  

Securing an appropriate receptor site is crucial for projects where offsite relocation of species, such as reptiles, is required. Our experienced ecologists liaise effectively with all potential stakeholders, including landowners and Local Authority Biodiversity Officers, to investigate potential sites. This direct liaison and early assessment results in appropriate site selection and ultimately acceptance by the Local Planning Authority and successful outcomes for biodiversity. 

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